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XPS 15 9575 some keys stop working not started

I have purchased a XPS 15 9575 laptop 1.5 month before from PA. Today when I was working with my laptop - Some of keys(space bar, right & left arrow keys and forward slash) stop working. Not sure why? I checked whether was it due to some s/w or h/w problem? I clicked on Dell Support Assistant. It prompted me to update BIOS. It suggested me to install BIOS 1.1.9 update but it got failed when i tried to do so.

I called to customer care, she asked me to re-boot the system as part of troubleshooting, when i restarted it didn't come back. Now, it is not even rebooting. i tried multiple times, i see there is power light blink and keyboard light as well, but screen remains black. 

I see battery light blinking - 2 times orange and 1 time white. When i did some google i came across an article. It says that if this is pattern then CPU failure. 

Is anyone know some solution or face similar problem? Please suggest some solution. 


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