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XPS 15 (9750) don`t start (curious USB incident)

Today i wanted to start my XPS 15 (9750) and it doesnt work. 

Nothing started. No fan, no keyboard light, nothing. 
I`ve tried to start it many times, but the XPS 15 was dead.

I remembered that i put out the USB Dongle from my mouse before i started it first.
So i put the USB Dongle (just a silly idea in the moment of despiration) back in the USB-slot and switched on the laptop and yes it "started instantly!"

Without the USB mouse before i tried 15 time and nothing happend. After putting the USB dongle for my mouse back in the slot it works!?! 
Can´t reproduce the incident.

Any idea what it was?

Update today the current BIOS. I hope it will fix issues like this.

Greetings from germany


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It could be BIOS related in this way. The mouse is a USB device and the BIOS knows this but it does not necessarily know what kind of device. It is possible that the BIOS thinks it is a bootable USB or external hard drive. Since you cannot reproduce the problem it seems most likely. Computers can do strange things at times and you may never see this behavior again. But I would refrain from pulling out that dongle again before booting.

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