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XPS 15 Fan noise when connected to P2415Q

Whenever I connect my XPS 15-9560 to my P2415Q monitor, the fan speed increases dramatically and produces a rattling/grinding sound. This sound doesn't occur when I'm using the laptop on its own thankfully. 

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Not sure whether a docking station would be a solution?


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Re: XPS 15 Fan noise when connected to P2415Q


Thanks for posting.

Apologies that your system is not working as expected.

* Does the issue occur when connecting this XPS 15-9560 to any other monitor?
* Did you test both the XPS 15-9560 HDMI 1.4 out port and USB Type-C out port to the P2415Q to see if the noise was on both?
XPS 15-9560 HDMI 1.4 out port -> HDMI to HDMI cable --> P2415Q HDMI in port
XPS 15-9560 USB Type-C out port --> USB Type-C to DP cable --> P2415Q DP in port

Please check these, thanks.


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Re: XPS 15 Fan noise when connected to P2415Q

I remember reading somewhere that whenever anything is connected to the USB-C/Thunderbolt connector, the Thunderbolt controller chip is activated, and it draws a fair amount of power, which generates heat.  That plus the fact that driving a 4K display probably increases GPU utilization and therefore heat could explain the increased fan activity, and in that case, using a dock would not yield a different result.  Using HDMI might since that wouldn't involve the Thunderbolt controller, but then you can't get 4K @ 60 Hz.  All that said, the fans shouldn't be grinding, so if that's what you're hearing, it's possible that the bearing in the fan is worn out, in which case that would be replaceable under warranty if the system is still covered.  If not (or even if it is), you could also try blasting some compressed air into the system vents to see if cleaning them out improves things even if only a bit.

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