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XPS 15 Hinge Issues (widespread?)

I've seen several posts about this issue but would like to know just how widespread it is.

I have 2 XPS 15 laptops (a 9560 and a 9570) both have an issue with the left screen hinge. The 9560 got so bad that the screen can't be opened anymore and the laptop ha. and it bent the bottom cover. The 9570 is headed in that direction but not that bad. I have a colleague with a 9560 that had the exact same problem. My business has used exclusively Dell equipment up to this point and while we have never had a problem with any of our desktop workstations or monitors, the XPS 15 laptops that have given me countless headaches.

Anybody else have this problem? How did Dell address it? and has the problem been addressed in a newer version of the laptop?

Really love the specs of the XPS 15 and the display quality but not inclined to ever get another at this point

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We tried reaching you on a private message but did not receive a response. Please feel free to reply to the private message whenever you are available.


I know this is a somewhat older topic but I am having similar issues as another user regarding the hinge on my XPS 15 9570. It has gotten to the point where the plastic bit that holds the screw in has broken and a bit of the screw broke off and remains inside of it.

Im having this issue too, microsoft store where i bought this laptop is permanently closed, any recommendations on how to fix this issue?


I am having the same issue. Is there anything that can be done to get it fixed?

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Hello, I confirm the same issue on my Precision 5510 model bought in 2016.
The left hinge is broken from normal use. I noticed that the connection between the left hinge (next to the power input) and the body has cracked. I managed to find and order a new hinge set on ebay but I cannot the small part that connects the left hinge to the case. 

If anyone at Dell is listening and can provide assistance replacing this little part would be great.

xps 15 small screw hinge connected to body.PNG



I'm having the same problem with my XPS 15 9560, bought Jan. 2018. I was able to take off the back cover and literally shake out the broken pieces of this part, which were also getting in the way of the hinge moving when opening the screen, and that seems to have helped some. 

But now the strain is directly on the bottom cover and it's moving way more when opening/closing the screen. Has anyone tried to get this part replaced? I saw on another thread that someone had to get an entirely new bottom chassis and switch over all components, which is time consuming and expensive. 

Hoping not to see this problem popping up in the 2020 XPS models, as I'd buy from this line again only if the hinges don't <Profanity removed> out after 2.5 years. 

Hey! I’ve been searching everywhere for someone with the same issue. Did you manage to find a solution? Or could you point me to the other thread? Cause I wouldn’t mind switching the bottom chassis if it contains that part.

Thanks in advance for your help

It seems i got the same issue as described here.

(Added a photo below)

The hinge seemed a bit loose and i removed the cover to check, the inner screw came off by itself.

Looking at it, it is clearly the screw that retains the hinge .

I called Dell customer service to ask to repair it under my extended warranty and they said that is probably a damage caused by an accident and that it would probably not bw covered.

They will check my photo and they will come back in few days.

In any case, there was no such accident. As this thread shows, we can see photos that show the same problem.




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Same here with my XPS 15 9560.

Hinge is broken somewhere and now the bottom cover lifts up every time I open / close the lid.

For a "premium", expensive laptop, that's not great. 

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