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XPS 15 - Intel Management Engine Interface Driver

Hi all,

I am doing a fresh re-install. I am almost complete and just re-doing drivers.

Using Dell Support Assist it identified I had some drivers still to update. I have ran 2 of them so far and they no longer appear on the list. I ran the Intel Management Engine Interface Driver and thought I had successfully installed it (Intel Interface popped up and finalised). However it has not disappeared from my list. 

Associated page is linked here: Intel Management Engine Interface Driver - XPS 15

I am not sure how to find a way to double check if the update has been completed or not. My reason is I do not have certainty over an audit trail to what this updated driver wise.

Anyone able inform me what it may have updated on my system (Windows 7 Home Premium) so I can check?

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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