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XPS 15 black screen

So yesterday my 11 month old XPS 15 started to freeze and lag. I reset my pc to fix the problem, but after the reset as soon as I entered my password to log in, it would take me to a black screen (with no cursor). Then if I turned my laptop off the charge LED would blink white 4x and orange 2x. Does this have anything to do with the black screen and if so how can I fix it? I also have another question, if any hardware is damaged or anything, I still have my warranty but I am in a different country than where I purchased my laptop. Does the warranty work in different countries?
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Re: XPS 15 black screen

No it doesn't work in another country. Since you are 11 months into the warranty it probably wouldn't help anyway. The warranty could have been transferred under certain circumstances but that takes time. For instance the same model must be available in the country you are in now. 

Post the exact model and more info about the problem and maybe some user can help. Look up the light codes in Dell Support for your model. https://www.dell.com/support/home/yu/en/yubsdt1?~ck=mn

I suggest running the Diagnostics to test the hardware. 

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