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XPS 15 charger port surge and won’t turn on

Hello, I experienced a power surge from my XPS 15’s charger cable when connecting it to the laptop: a quiet electrical sound then the charging port smelled of electric fire/smokiness. The charger cable was NOT plugged into an electric outlet, but was connected to the AC adapter. Now the laptop will not turn on. Though, the light on the charger cable does light up as if charging. 

Any idea what happened or how to get the laptop to turn on now?

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Dell-Parnoshree C
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Re: XPS 15 charger port surge and won’t turn on

Hi M-Ob,

This can be a issue with the DC in port or the system board has been short circuited.

You might want to have the system diagnosed by a local Dell service center to understand what part is faulty.

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