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XPS 17 9700 Thermal Runaway

Yesterday, inexplicably, this XPS 17 went into what I'm in my ignorance calling thermal runaway. The laptop was sitting open on a table, pretty fully charged, running no program whatever. Dormant. I walked away from the laptop for about 15 minutes, gave that act no thought at all. Upon return, the laptop was sleeping. I found it, however, to be off and inoperable, it would not boot, and the bottom of the case over the battery was extremely hot. I assumed that the laptop, you'll forgive the pun, was now toast, despite its age of less than 30 days and perfect health to date. To make a long story short, Dell support recovered the laptop remotely and it now works normally and optimally. I ran a large suite of diagnostic tests and all come back okay and therefore do not diagnose the problem that surfaced yesterday, indeed, even the BIOS's Thermal page says, as it were, "nothing wrong here, ever." For some reason, though, yesterday, inexplicably, the laptop went into a runaway state that expressed itself thermally, very thermally. I want to know why. As Dell rummaged through this laptop remotely yesterday -- I was amazed that they knew how to enable me to boot it up normally -- with me watching, I did not see Dell land on a reason for the crash. It's all extremely mysterious, so my curiosity is equally profound. I do wonder whether there's a sleeping, latent defect somewhere, but I also recognize that these things have their very mystifying, ephemeral gremlins. Are there any thoughts? This laptop, the BIOS reveals, was "born" on July 2, 2020, so as stated before, this machine is less than 30 days old, so this crash is a shock.