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XPS 17 9700, audio crackling sound


Just grabbed new Dell XPS and there is an issue with crackling sound - speakers and earphones. This crackling sound appears from time to time when I listen to music or watch the movies. Also You can hear crackling sound when You skip track / video using length bar

Some videos with this problem:


Same crackling sound apperas from time to time when I listen to music (without any interaction like track skipping etc.)

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There was a dell service guy and he replaced motherboard in my new Dell XPS 9700 and issue is still there.


Uninstalled Waves MaxxAudio Pro based on Reddit forum answer, the sound never became an issue again. 

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I finally resolved a similar issue. After months of trying to figure out while my sound was crackling any time I used an external speaker through my thunderbolt docking station, I finally fixed it. No matter what speaker I connected to the dock, I had the issue. And even tried using an optical port on the dock instead of the headphone jack. The only thing that worked for me was to disable the the microphone associated with the calDigit dock. As soon as I disabled it the crackling stopped. For those that experience the crackling when they aren't connected to a dock, I'd suggest disabling the microphone on the laptop to see if that works. The microphone can be disabled via the Sound Control panel in Windows settings

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Problem solution!
Hello! I have Dell XPS 17 9700 and have audio crackling included with it. Also i have solutions of problem. User Charles Randall linked this issue with DellDataVault and this true, thank him very much. But not necessary delete it, can easy turn off with help best portable program for editing register - Autoruns is official microsoft product.
In tab Everything have three items with name DDVCollectorSvc,DDVDataCollector,DDVRulesProcessor and uncheck them and reboot system. DellDataVault is part Dell SupportAssist and i tested SupportAssist after this, troubles not find.
I've never been so happy about clear soundxD


I did this and got rid of Max Audio. Still happens occasionally but 90% better.



I am having the same problem.  Can you assist me?

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@Shane O wrote:

I am having the same problem.  Can you assist me?

did you try any of the solutions mentioned by either Oleksandr322 (disable DellDataVault from running at startup with Autoruns) or tfacente33 (uninstall/remove Waves maxxaudio)?

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