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XPS 17 9700, audio crackling sound


Just grabbed new Dell XPS and there is an issue with crackling sound - speakers and earphones. This crackling sound appears from time to time when I listen to music or watch the movies. Also You can hear crackling sound when You skip track / video using length bar

Some videos with this problem:


Same crackling sound apperas from time to time when I listen to music (without any interaction like track skipping etc.)

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I'm getting the same problem. audio pops just randomly though. nothing really seems to set it off in particular. When I play music it pops the most I'd say. 

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This is one of the most common issues with any Dell XPS series.

I think it has something to do with the latest updates of Windows miscommunicating with your current drivers. 
If you have a brand new laptop, then probably it is the common issue.

Every time I got this issue, I just simply uninstall the audio driver from the Device Manager. Get installed the latest one from the Dell website and restart the PC. Straight couple of weeks without any Windows updates, problems does not occur anymore.

You can give it a try.


Same issue, though it's more than than just the audio -- when it happens the entire machine stutters. If I'm playing a game I'll see a framerate hitch, if I'm moving the mouse I'll see the pointer stop moving for a fraction of a second.

I have also tracked it with DPC latency exceeding 2000us, and on top of all that, updating intel management engine drivers changes how the problem manifests. For instance, before I updated with the latest drivers, I'd get an odd brief tick; now I get a longer burst of static but less frequently.


Try this as it solved my crackling sound issue on my XPS 15 9500




I have the same issue. All audio played on my laptop speakers are crackling/hissing/static noises. My audio was fine until I restarted to install updates. Please message me with a solution.


Hey, so I solved my issue. Full system stutters are gone, DPC latency is back to normal, and I can finally listen to music without being annoyed by blips and skips.

Turns out the problem is Dell Data Vault. It appears to be installed by Dell SupportAssist; I cannot figure out how to uninstall it at the moment but I can tell you that if you disable the three services related to dell data vault the problem goes away.

I highly recommend everyone tries this to determine if the problem is this <Profanity removed> pack-in software, and then maybe Dell will try and fix it.


I am experiencing the same issue. However, I could not find any data vault option in my Support Assist. Am I doing something wrong?


@Oleh Stupakunfortunately there's no official support for this. I had to go into windows services and manually disable the data vault services.

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