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XPS 17 9700 screen conversion?

Last year I bought the xps 17 9700 without touchscreen because I prefer 1080p to 4k for Webex and many other apps not yet updated to 4K.

The thing is I really mmisshapen a touchscreen.  I constantly reach for the screen only to say duh I have to use the pad.


My question is can my XPS 17 9700 w 1080p screen be converted to a touchscreen by Dell?  I don't care if it is 4k or not I want a touch screen.


IF you can do the job can it be done in my home and what will it cost?



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Re: XPS 17 9700 screen conversion?

You're limited to screens supported by Dell on this system - so if an FHD touchscreen wasn't an option at purchase, it won't be an option post-purchase either.

That said, replacing the screen will absolutely result in your warranty being voided, if that's a consideration.

It's also going to be an expensive upgrade, since the entire upper assembly and wiring harness would need to be replaced.

You're also on your own, as Dell won't support post-purchase upgrades.

In all:  no, it's not a practical upgrade.


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