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XPS 17 9710 CPU Hotter on AC than on Battery: Information Only

I have the i7-11800H, 16 GB Ram, Nvidia RTS 3050, BIOS 1.6.0, and 130W Power Adapter.

I received this laptop on the week of 2/07/22 and began setting it up. After finishing I began testing to see what problems that it might have after reading all of the posts on this laptop. I had all of the latest updates except the UHD and Nividia latest updates. 

The problem that I found was at Idle using CPUID with the AC plugged in the CPU package averaged about 54C and the CPU's averaged about 48C with about 2% to 5% CPU Usage. I use Emisisoft, Norton 360, and Malywarebytes. I started a scan on Malewarebytes and the temperatures rose to about 63C with 75% CPU Usage. I started Emsisoft Maleware scan and it rose to about 80C with 100% CPU Usage, then I started Norton's and it began to hit 100C on the Package, Core 3 and Core 5 along with 100% CPU Usage. I was testing to somewhat stress it to see what would happen after reading posts on hot CPU's. After letting it settle in with the 3 Scans running it would run at about 80C and every so often hit the 100C on the Package and cores 3 & 5. Also with the 3 Scans the CPU Usage would be 100%. 

Then I unplugged the AC cord and just ran off of the battery. At Idle the Package would be about 50C with Cores at 46C to 48C with about 2% to 5% CPU Usage. I then started Malewarebytes Maleware Scan and the package was at about 52C with Cores at 48C. I started Emsisoft and it rose a little and then settled at the above numbers. I started Norton 360 Virus Scan and it rose up and then settled in at the above numbers. With all 3 Scans running at once the Package was 50C to 54C and Cores were about 46C to 48C with CPU Usage at 45%. It never hit 100C at all on the Package or any of the Cores. I also never had it hit 100% CPU Usage.

I also tried Prime95 and CPUZ to see if I saw the same type of difference between being on AC or just Battery. The tests proved that there was this same difference in CPU temperatures between AC or Battery.

I contacted Dell Support and began working with them. After several tests they decided I should send the laptop into Dell Repair. Dell Repair did diagnostic tests on it and everything looked good. The fans at 100C would spin up on AC or Battery. Dell Repair also loaded the Windows 11 image and that did not make any difference. With Dell support we had already ran MSCONFIG using just the MS software along with CPUID software with the same results. The hardware and software all looked good from Dell Repairs testing. No one could explain to me the difference in CPU temperatures between being on AC or Battery. It would be nice if the laptop CPU temperatures ran on AC as they do on Battery. 

This computer is for my wife and she barely gets it out of Idle for the most part. We really do not have any problems on either AC or Battery with the way my wife is using this laptop. I have no problems with this laptops performance. 

My question is does anyone else with this laptop see this CPU temperature difference between being on AC or on Battery?

If you could let me know in the posts I would appreciate it. I am just more curious than anything else at this point. Thanks in advance for the help.  

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Power profiles are different when running on battery. Did you set it to run at max/best performance when on battery? Did you compare CPU clock speeds between battery and AC power? (Note: CPU voltage also varies. You can see it change running Core Temp as load increases.) If you were running benchmark tests that produced a score you would probably see the scores are lower when running on battery because performance is throttled.


Yes, the profiles were set the same on both AC and Battery. The clock speeds were comparable. Yes, the CPU voltages did of course vary. I did run benchmark tests and they were also comparable. With Dell support we tried a variety of changes and there was no change. It still came down to the AC ran hotter than on Battery. And the CPU usage was higher on AC than on Battery. Dell support had no explanation of why this was happening. Thanks for offering some possible solutions though. 

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