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XPS 17'' 9710

Hello @jphughan 
i had bought a xps 15 '' but now i want to upgrade to 17 ''.
the new model is called xps 17 '' 9710, i have read that some small problems have been solved with this version. it is true?

or do you advise me to wait for the next model? do you already know the release date (approximately)?

thank you
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I always have the laptop closed, I only use the 24 '' monitor.

but if I want to change monitor and take a 27 '' (4K) what happens to the resolution? since the laptop is fullhd does the monitor also work in fullhd?

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@aleangiulli  If your laptop lid is closed, then the resolution of the built-in display doesn't affect how the external display works at all.  I would not recommend a 27" 4K display though.  That results in a pixel density of 163 ppi, which I consider to be the "worst of both worlds".  The pixel density is high enough that you need to enable scaling to keep things readable, but not high enough to give you razor sharp text.  If you want a 27" display mostly for work, I think 2560x1440 is the sweet spot since it's crisp but still usable at regular 100% scaling.  Or if you specifically want 4K resolution, then a 24" 4K display will give you razor sharp text.  If your an it at 200% scaling, you'd have the same amount of workspace as a 24" 1080p display, but just with very sharp graphics.  But I know that 24" 4K displays are tough to find these days.  And 4K resolution doesn't become usable at regular 100% scaling until a huge display size like 40", which isn't practical for most people (but it does give you a ton of workspace since it's the equivalent of 4x 1080p displays.)  So I guess these days if you really want 4K resolution, then 27-32" are probably your only widely available options.  Neither one is ideal, but 24" and 40" each have issues of their own.  And in fairness, if all of the applications you use handle display scaling properly, then this isn't much of an issue.

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sorry, but if i buy xps 17 '' 9710 fullhd, can it support 4k?

if I connect the laptop via dockstation to a 24 '' 4k monitor (laptop with lid closed) what resolution does the monitor use?

Does the monitor use the laptop's fullhd resolution or does it use its 4k resolution?

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@aleangiulli  As I said above, if the laptop lid is closed, then the resolution of the built-in display will not affect the resolution used by any external displays. Even if the laptop lid is OPEN, then as long as you are in Extend mode, you can still set the resolutions of every available display separately. The resolution of the built-in display also does not affect the maximum resolutions of external displays. So yes you can still run 4K external displays even if you have an FHD display.

@jphughan  perfect!!

so buying a laptop with 4K or fullhd resolution is it only for when using from the laptop?

if i have a full hd laptop and i use it at 90% attached to the 4K monitor, will the resolution be 4K?

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@aleangiulli  You’ve now found three different ways to ask me the same questions, and I’ve already answered them twice.

@jphughan  I'm sorry but it seems strange to me. the 4K video stream is not decided by the laptop's video card? if the laptop is not 4K how does the monitor output in 4K? for example you connect a fullhd satellite decoder to a 4K TV, if the signal is not 4K how does the TV transmit in 4K?

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@aleangiulli  The resolution of the built-in display is not the resolution of the entire system. There’s no such thing as a resolution for the entire system. If you had a desktop system with two external displays of different resolutions, you realize that the desktop system’s GPU would be able run each external display at its own resolution, right? (If you didn’t realize that, now you do.) Well, the built-in display of a laptop is just another display connected to the laptop’s GPU. The fact that the display is physically attached to the laptop body and the video cable is built into the laptop rather than being an external physical cable doesn’t make any difference at all. So just like the desktop system, the laptop will be able to run different displays at different resolutions. There are separate video streams going to each display. There isn’t just a single video stream based on the built-in display that gets passed through to the external display. And the GPU is capable of running 4K resolution — in fact in the XPS 17 9710, even the Intel GPU can handle 8K resolution — so as long as you have a display that supports the resolution you want to use and a way to connect that display that can carry that signal, that’s all you need. Once again, the resolution of the built-in display has absolutely no influence on the resolutions you can run on external displays. The displays are treated completely independently (unless you use Duplicate/Mirror mode instead of Extend mode).


so recap... the xps 9710 laptop is capable of transmitting the signal in 4k, but its monitor is fullhd.

the laptop transmits the signal in 4k only if we connect a 4k monitor. I said right?

thank you and sorry for my English

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@aleangiulli  Yes.  I really don't know how many other ways I can say this.  If you have a 4K display, you will be able to use it at 4K resolution from an XPS 17 9710.  The built-in display you choose will not make any difference.

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