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XPS 17'' 9710

Hello @jphughan 
i had bought a xps 15 '' but now i want to upgrade to 17 ''.
the new model is called xps 17 '' 9710, i have read that some small problems have been solved with this version. it is true?

or do you advise me to wait for the next model? do you already know the release date (approximately)?

thank you
happy Holidays

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so surely it is better to buy a fullhd laptop, with a 17 '' is the right resolution.

even more if I can use it when I want in 4k, connecting it to a monitor or a TV to watch a movie in 4k.

I thought that a "fullhd notebook" was not able to reproduce a signal in 4k.

thank you very much for the explanations, you are truly a super expert.

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I'm sorry I'm still asking you something !!
I wanted to buy the xps 9710 17 '' but the version for companies with windows pro is gone, they removed it.
there is only the version for private use with windows home.

what do you think about it?

thank you and excuse me

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@aleangiulli  If you some features out of the Pro version, then you can always buy an in-place upgrade to Pro through the Microsoft Store later.  It might cost more than the cost to get Pro from the factory, but if the configuration you want isn't available with Pro, then I guess you're stuck.  If you don't need any of the additional features of Pro, then don't worry about it and keep in mind that you can always buy the in-place upgrade later if you find that you actually need it.


Ok. Do you recommend Windows 10 and then later upgrade to Windows 11 manually or choose Windows 11 installed from the factory?


@jphughan Ok. Do you recommend Windows 10 and then later upgrade to Windows 11 manually or choose Windows 11 installed from the factory?

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@aleangiulli  For me thus far, Windows 11 has introduced annoyances like a Start menu and Search function that occasionally break or become very slow to respond, without adding anything that is useful to me personally.  It's not annoying enough for me to perform a clean install of Windows 10, but if I were buying a new system, I would probably stick with Windows 10 and upgrade later.  Of course if Windows 11 has something useful for you, then you might want to go another way.



yes, you're right, I'll do this, I'll start with Windows 10. If I occasionally have to format the computer and restore from the 'factory settings' system, will the computer always restart with Windows 10? and then i will always have to upgrade it to windows 11?

I'll explain better .. when I switch to Windows 11 permanently, if I have to restore the 'factory settings', the computer will always return to the factory settings, so with Windows 10 ??

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@aleangiulli  If you use the Dell factory restore tool, then it should go back to whatever you ordered. But I personally wouldn’t recommend doing that since that will become more and more outdated no matter where you start. I always perform a clean install using Windows installation media from Microsoft and then install drivers manually or via Dell Update. But I don’t want to keep answering fairly basic questions that you can probably find answers to somewhere else. I would suggest that you just buy the system and deal with questions like this as they become necessary.



yes, I started the order. when it arrives I leave it with dell installation or do I format it and do a clean installation? with Windows and Windows driver !!

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@aleangiulli  You can do whoever you want. Obviously most people just use their laptops out of the box. If you want to start without any Dell customizations, then you can do a clean install.

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