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XPS 17'' 9710

Hello @jphughan 
i had bought a xps 15 '' but now i want to upgrade to 17 ''.
the new model is called xps 17 '' 9710, i have read that some small problems have been solved with this version. it is true?

or do you advise me to wait for the next model? do you already know the release date (approximately)?

thank you
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in fact the laptop no longer starts automatically, it turns on only with the power button of the dockstation. this is possible because the dockstation is compatible with my laptop. (thanks for the advice).

also, I have set "enable lid switch" to off, so the laptop does not turn on when I open the lid.

see attached photo.

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@aleangiulli  The photo hadn’t been approved for viewing by the time I read your earlier post, so I was just relying on your description of “USB wake”. Yes, that’s the option I was referring to. But yes, if you actually push the power button on the dock, then the laptop will power on. That is normal and intended behavior. You don’t have to turn on the dock itself separately, so there’s no other reason you would have to push the dock’s power button. The only purpose of that button is to power on a compatible Dell laptop.



sorry but it is the same option that I put in the photo.

it's called "Wake on Dell USB-C Docks"
it must be deactivated in order not to turn on the computer automatically.

the photo you put, isn't it the same?

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@aleangiulli  Wake on USB isn’t used for servers. Servers typically are never put to sleep in the first place. Wake on USB is used so that you can press a key on an external USB keyboard to wake the system. But that’s not the option I was talking about. There’s another option specifically for Dell docks, at least on some laptops. See here: https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-us/000148152/how-to-disable-wake-on-dell-usb-c-docks


@jphughan  Hi, maybe I have solved it.

In the bios I have disabled "Usb wake", so when I turn on the power strip the laptop does not turn on. (I think this function is used for server PCs, to turn them on remotely).

But with the power button of the WD19TBS dockstation, the laptop turns on automatically, this is because the dockstation is "compatible" with my XPS 9710.

Thank you

bios 2.jpg

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@aleangiulli  I’m not going to get back into answering questions forever, so I’m just going to say that if that system is like other Dell laptops I’ve used, there’s a BIOS option for that. Some looking around or research should help you there.



ok, I do some tests and checks. thank you

another strange thing is this .. when I turn on the power strip where the dockstation is attached, the dockstation and the computer automatically turn on.

even when the house power goes out and then comes back, the dockstation and computer turn on automatically.

so whenever there is a flow of electrical current, the dockstation receives a pulse and causes the computer to turn on automatically.

it doesn't have to be that way.
how can i solve in your opinion?

thank you

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@aleangiulli  Yes, using the same scaling setting is one of the options I suggested, so that should work.

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did you think what I wrote above?


Thanks for the reply.
I use the laptop 90% connected to the dockstation, connected to the 24 '' monitor.
the laptop is closed, I do not use the integrated display of the laptop.
I use the integrated display on the laptop only a few times.

I want to give priority to the 24 '' monitor.
so following your advice, I have to set the laptop and the 24-inch monitor the same, at 1920x1200 with 100% zoom.

so when the video is transmitted on the 24 inch monitor, there is no scaling and therefore the video signal is better?

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