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XPS 17'' 9710

Hello @jphughan 
i had bought a xps 15 '' but now i want to upgrade to 17 ''.
the new model is called xps 17 '' 9710, i have read that some small problems have been solved with this version. it is true?

or do you advise me to wait for the next model? do you already know the release date (approximately)?

thank you
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@aleangiulli  I don't have any thoughts beyond what I've already shared in my PM and again in my earlier reply.

@jphughanthe 9710 model was released in July 2021, so I believe not before next July !! what do you think about it?

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@aleangiulli  As I said in my PM, I have no idea. Normally it’s about once per year, but supply shortages may slow down new products launches, so who knows.

@jphughan OK! I got it.
so the only solution is to wait for the new models? when do you think we can buy them?

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@aleangiulli  The XPS 17 uses a 130W power source, just like the XPS 15 you have, so the same power adapters and docks will work the same way. It will NOT solve Dell Hybrid Power. The problem is that Dell doesn’t have a way to get more power into that system. What they SHOULD have done in my opinion was add a traditional barrel-style AC adapter connector and then included a 180W adapter. But they didn’t do that, and I guess they couldn’t get more power over USB-C at the time, but the new USB PD 3.1 spec should help with that on new systems. But it won’t help existing systems.

Hello @jphughan and thanks for the reply.
I need a 17 '', the 15 is too small.
if for the 17 '' I use a dock station that supplies many watts?
does this solve the problem? (Dell Hybrid Power)

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@aleangiulli  I don’t know what problems you’re referring to, so I can’t say whether they've been fixed. But since I don’t know the 9710 very well, I might not be able to answer that question even if I did know what problems you were asking about. I also don’t know when the replacement system will release.

I personally would not recommend the XPS 17 in general simply because of its use of Dell Hybrid Power under heavy load, which entails draining the battery as an auxiliary power source even while connected to power. That imposes unnecessary wear and tear on the battery and will lead to throttling when the battery level is too low to allow that. I would rather have a system that comes with a power supply it actually needs. Now that the USB PD 3.1 spec defines power output levels up to 240W, maybe the next XPS 17 will have a better power supply, but I don’t know.

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