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XPS 17'' 9710

Hello @jphughan 
i had bought a xps 15 '' but now i want to upgrade to 17 ''.
the new model is called xps 17 '' 9710, i have read that some small problems have been solved with this version. it is true?

or do you advise me to wait for the next model? do you already know the release date (approximately)?

thank you
happy Holidays

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I sell my dock with xps 15 '' to a friend of mine.

for 17 '' I take a new one.
which one do you recommend to take?

the dock must be compatible with my 9710's on / off button

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@aleangiulli  You should have kept the dock.  If the dock you had with the XPS 15 9500 worked for you, then you should probably just buy another one of those.  Otherwise:

  • If you would be ok with a dock that would only be able to run single 4K 60 Hz or dual 2560x1440 60 Hz and do NOT need to connect Thunderbolt devices to the dock such as an external GPU or an actual Thunderbolt storage device, then the WD19 or WD19S 180W would be fine.
  • If you want a dock that would be able to handle dual 4K 60 Hz or triple 2560x1440 60 Hz and/or want to be able to connect Thunderbolt peripherals to your dock, then you'll want the WD19TB or WD19TBS.

The difference with the "S" models compared to the non-S models is that the newer S models removed the 3.5 mm headset jack.  Something about the supply chain shortage prevented Dell from incorporating those, so they created the S models that do not have that jack in order to continue manufacturing docking stations.  If you need that jack and can find a non-S model, then that would be best.  If you need that jack but can't find a non-S model right now, then you can always buy simple USB to headset audio adapters.  If you don't care about the headset jack at all, then you can go with an S or non-S model because they are otherwise identical.


models without S no longer sell, for example I searched for the WD19TB but they no longer sell it.

so the choice falls on WD19S or WD19TBS, the price difference is 60 euros so better take the WD19TBS which also has Thunderbolt.

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@aleangiulli  Yes, that should work fine. Enjoy!

@jphughan thank you so much for all your advice

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I'm very sorry, but I forgot one thing ..
for the xps 17 '' 9710, what do you recommend? fullhd resolution or a 4k?

4k is better but maybe for a 17 '' the characters are too small, what do you think?

thank you so much

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@aleangiulli  I recommend FHD for several reasons.  I bought an XPS 15 9530 in 2013 and got the 3200x1800 display for "futureproofing", but when I replaced that system with another 15" laptop in 2019, I got FHD instead.  Here's why I do NOT like the 4K display:

  • Although the small text issue is fixed by using display scaling, some Windows applications still don't support scaling very well, and if an application has poor support for display scaling, it can end up looking WORSE on a 4K display than an FHD display where you would not need scaling.
  • The 4K display noticeably reduces your battery life, by a few hours on average.
  • The 4K display is glossy rather than matte/anti-glare.  I don't like seeing my own reflection or the reflection of overhead lights in my display, so I much prefer matte/anti-glare.
  • The 4K display is a touchscreen, which I don't care about.
  • The 4K display is thicker and heavier (partly due to the touchscreen).
  • The 4K display costs more.

So for me, the 4K display is a bit list of drawbacks AND you spend more money to get it.  I admit text does look very nice on the display for applications that support scaling properly, but that wasn't enough to outweigh all of those drawbacks for me.  That said, if you think you will use the built-in display and external displays simultaneously, then the priority should be to choose a display that will ideally allow you to run the same scaling setting across all displays.  Windows does support using different scaling settings for different displays simultaneously, but that can introduce even more scaling artifacts.  I personally have a 15" FHD display and two 27" QHD/1440p displays, all of which are comfortable to use at the default 100% scaling.  I don't have razor sharp text, but all of my applications work properly.

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thank you very much.
I agree with everything you said.
and now I'm even more convinced.

but I use the laptop at 90% connected to the monitor, if the computer is fullhd, what's the use of the 4k monitor?

thank you

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@aleangiulli  I use my laptop more than 90% connected to external displays, but in that setup I also have the laptop lid closed.  If you would be using the built-in display and the external display together simultaneously, then what size is your 4K display, and what scaling setting are you using?  Unless it's only a 24" 4K or a large 40" 4K display, it's likely that there won't be a single scaling setting that will work optimally with your external display and either of the XPS display options.  In that case, you might end up seeing scaling issues no matter what you do if you want to use those two displays together.  You might want to consider just getting another display so that you don't have to keep using the built-in display when you have your external displays attached.

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