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XPS 17 9720 randomly freezes

My XPS 17 9720 Laptop freezes after being Idle for a day or two. The screen completely locks up. There are no messages.
<control><Alt><Del> does nothing. I have to press and hold the power button several times to get to reboot.
This seems to be a random event as I can't duplicate or make it happen on purpose.

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What do you mean after being idle for a day or two? Are you saying the laptop does not respond after being open and untouched for a day or two?


This occurs while working on the laptop randomly for any amount of time, It simply locks for no apparent reason. I can be doing something as simple as surfing the web or using Adobe Photoshop. I can be moving the cursor or the laptop can be in the middle of processing something.
I do only reboot my laptop maybe once a day, but mostly just close the lid and allow it to go into sleep mode.


Interesting, I wonder if you could measure the time between crashes? Have you ran BIOS and/or SupportAssist diagnostics? Have you ran Windows and/or SupportAssist updates?


Hi, thanks for the reply. There seems to be no set time between the freezes. It can occur an hour after a fresh reboot, or after I've left the computer sleeping for a day.
I've run DIAM and Scandisk. My laptop has the latest updates and drivers. I've run Support Assist diagnostics. Not sure how to diagnose the BIOS.
FYI: This issue occurred even when I first got the laptop without doing any updates.



If the laptop is still within the return period, I would try to get a return. If not, see if Dell can arrange something. But to run BIOS diagnostics, restart the computer. While it is coming on repeatedly tap the F12 key which should take you to a one time boot menu. There should be a diagnostics option there, run the full extended diagnostics and report back. 


Thanks, I was hoping to avoid returning it (time constraints and all). I wondered if this was a common issue with this laptop and if Dell knew about it. I guess not.


Better just to return it if you can, you do not want to be the one finding out whether it is a common issue or not 

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I have precisely the same issue.

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I am having the same issue. I can't resolve it. Freezing is completely random, issue cannot be replicated under any conditions. Restart required to regain user control and function.

I have had the laptop 29 days and it has crashed every single day multiple times. I think I might need to initiate a return before I slip past 30. 

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