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XPS 7390 that's NOT a 2-in-1?

Hi all.

I'm very confused about a laptop I purchased off eBay, which was still sealed upon arrival. It was sold to me as an XPS 13 9380, but the box, the laptop's own internal information, and the Dell service tag states it to be a 7390.

At this stage, I thought the seller had just sent me the wrong laptop... except that the touchscreen doesn't appear to be a 2-in-1, because it doesn't have the 360 degree hinges and it won't fold back any further than a normal laptop screen.

I had a 9380 earlier this year for a few months and it appears to be the same body. So I appear to have a 7390 in a 9380 body. How is this even possible? Has there been some kind of manufacturing error?

Any advice / information would be much appreciated!


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I would be contacting the Ebay vendor. If the box, laptop information and service tag confirm it as a 7390 then it must be a 7390. Just because the bodies look the same does not mean it is a 7390 in a 9380 body. The service tag would be the confirmation of the type. And I am not sure if you used this method to confirm the service tag in addition to the tag on the case of the system but it will absolutely confirm the service tag number as well.

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Some shady seller on eBay trying to pull a fast one, hoping you'll be so excited about your new toy, you won't notice it isn't want you ordered...?

Contact them immediately and report this vendor to eBay if they don't fix their mistake immediately...or sooner.



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