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XPS 7590 Connected standby fanspeed and bluetooth issue

Hello everybody!

I'm using my new XPS 7590 with Connected Standby disabled in regedit since day 1. I had to disable it because of an inexplicable battery drain and, more important, because of a fan issue: when it goes to sleep the fans start to run at maximum speed every 2/3 seconds till the battery drops out. 

Disabling Connected standby solved this problem, BUT another problem comes: when I wake up the computer the Bluetooth device stops running and I can't see it in any way.

Now, how can I solve these problems? Is there a way to enable Connected standby without letting the fans go at maximum speed forever? Is there a way to fix Bluetooth issue waking up the computer with Connected standby disabled?


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Re: Connected standby fanspeed and bluetooth issue

Though CS is well-known to be no good for people that want their laptops to sleep soundly, yours doesn't seem to work normally. You could try debugging CS using SleepStudy, and you should be able to get official support from Dell regarding this. 

Also, there is supposedly a setting to make the laptop hibernate after x% of the battery charge is drained. 

For a proper S3 Win10 installation, BIOS should deny the existence of S0 support to Win10, because S0 takes precedence when both are supported, and switching afterwards is not supported. Dell don't want to support both - mind they had unsolved bugs with S3.  

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