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XPS 7590 OLED screen banding issues

My display has banding issues. I have been in touch with your support department. First they sent out an engineer to replace the display in the laptop. The replaced screen was also faulty. The engineer saw the problem himself after installing the replacement screen.

When replacing screen didnt solve the issue then a replacement laptop was sent. The OLED on the replaced laptop is the worst. 

I want to know, are you not quality checking these machines? Are there no working screens with dell that can resolve my issue. The only option being given to me is to get a refund.

This goes to show that Dell is incapable to resolve a bad display issue.

Anyone else having oled screen should try the below link https://youtu.be/dP4vEGREGD4?t=90

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I have this same model, with similar issues. TV manufacturers have combatted this with a built-in "pixel-refresher" utility which can be run periodically by the user (and is on a set schedule to run automatically by the manufacturer) to regain consistent coloring and lighting. I would suggest to your engineering team that they release a tool which can perform this same task.

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i also have the same problem, and they also provide me to get refund. this is the way dell starting lost the client. 

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Any updates on Dell's side for this issue?

I'm on my second OLED 7590, the panel on the first one I received kept cutting out so it was DOA essentially. The replacement I've received has terrible banding on the greys and is not acceptable for anyone using this for photography/video work.


I have the exact same issue with my new XPS 7590 OLED. Should I directly ask for a refund and buy from another brand? Is dell offering alternative solutions?


Are you refering to this problem? I’m about to return my Gigabyte Aero 15 Oled due to this, is this normal or I have a bad Oled display, look at this images and tell me if this is normal:



Yes, these are the same problems we have with the Dell XPS 15. Different OLED panels have the problems to varying degrees.


Any updates on Dell's side for this issue?

I'm thinking to pull the trigger on the XPS with a 4K panel but this thread gives all the reason to avoid the OLED panel. 





DON'T BUY XPS 15 7590 WITH OLED SCREEN. Now i'm stuck with a $2500 usd laptop with horrible banding issues. Dell says "system is performing as designed". (BAD)



Could you kindly share a couple of photos of the banding you are experiencing? 

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Hi, guys. Here's a bit of statistics on OLEDs on XPS 15 based on my experience, I had a deal with three (yep) of them during last couple of months.

First one: got a refund because of the banding issue.
Second one: narrow bright horizontal line across the whole screen. Gave it back right in the shop.
Third one: left side is noticeably brighter than the right one in some conditions.

Three in a row, Dell! Each one was bought in different stores, btw. Sad thing here is that aside of display issues this laptop is almost perfect for me.

And as far as I can see, there's still no clear information about the issue from Dell, which is... Well, not cool.

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