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XPS 7590 keyboard hungarian conversion


I'm planning to buy an XPS 7590 in Budapest. As it turned out there is no official keyboard layout for hungarian language. I contacted the local distributors for a solution. They usually import these laptops from Slovakia/ Czeck republic and they get some kind of sticker or paint to rebadge the special keys (they do not cover the entire key,only the label itself). My problem is that converting from czech layout to hungarian looks ugly and complex). A german-hungarian conversion looks much less weird. Unfortunately they do not import german laptops. I'm planning to buy an Austrian xps but I cannot find any company who can convert my key layout by painting or special sticker. The regular kolink and other chinese aftermarket stickers are not an option for a laptop with this pricetag. Can anyone suggest a propper company who can do it in high quality?

Thanks in advance!