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XPS 7590 - operating issues, coil whine, and horrific customer service

TL DR: paid 2000 pounds for a broken laptop; Dell lies about everything; Dell engineer harasses me; took 1 month to receive a faulty replacement

I am posting this review here because there Dell will not allow me to directly post a review on the XPS 5970 webpage.

18 June: I received my new Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop.

24 June: I noticed drastically reduced operating ability to the extent that it even had difficulty opening pdfs, and the laptop began making strange noises (clicking, scratching, humming, and eventually shrieking).
I reported the malfunction to Dell customer support and was told that an engineer would be sent to replace the motherboard, fans, and heatsink.

29 June: When the engineer arrived the next week, Dell had sent him with a refurbished motherboard with clear signs of non-factory soldering to put in my brand new laptop. The parts did not work, and the engineer was unable to make any improvements on the system but said that he was required to make 2-3 visits before Dell would authorize a replacement. When I expressed my displeasure to customer service about Dell lying about providing new parts, they did offer to replace my laptop (as they should have done from the very beginning).

30 June: The engineer who had been in my house fixing my laptop took my phone number from my customer information page and used it to call me, leave a voice message, and send me a text message before I blocked him.

2 July: Dell customer service told me that my request for a new laptop was being processed. They also say that someone would be sent to pick up my defective laptop, but they never gave me any details. (Customer service also completely ignored the fact that their engineer had stolen my phone number when I reported this to them.)

7 July: Dell customer service tells me that my new laptop has been dispatched and that I will receive it by the end of the week (10 June).

8 July: A deliveryman from DPD shows up at my house to collect my old device. I was never informed of this, and it was only by complete chance that I had decided to return home for lunch at the exact same time and was able to give him the device. Dell never made any acknowledgement of that fact.

10 July: Dell customer service tells me that actually the order for the new laptop has not even been processed yet, and they cannot estimate when it will be delivered.

13 July: New replacement laptop is delivered, and it begins making the exact same headache inducing noises immediately upon start-up. After nearly a week, Dell agrees to give me a refund.

29 July: Finally receive a full refund. 

There seem to be plenty of people with equally bad (if not worse) stories about Dell, but I wanted to add my review here as well because it is disgusting that Dell will not allow verified purchasers to review devices. 

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