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XPS 8700 Firmware to address CVS-2017-5754

Ran the Speculation Control Settings and it claims my Windows 10 OS is exposed to CVS-201-5454 (rogue data cache load) even after I have installed the latest OS patches via Windows Update.

Suggested actions

* Install BIOS/firmware update provided by your device OEM that enables hardware support for the branch target injection mitigation.

The Dell page


does not appear to have 8700 listed. The newest BIOS they have is still dated July 31, 2015.  What good is Dell does not provide BIOS patches to address this bug when they actually are the authorized OEM desktop vendor when Intel assure they will work with their channel partner to address this. <Legalistic statement removed>and Intel before they start putting the resource to work on these bugs?  

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Re: XPS 8700 Firmware to address CVS-2017-5754

Older computers may take more time to update, or the BIOS manufacture has not come up with anything yet and Dell is waiting on them.  Regardless you will want to post this on the Desktop XPS forum here

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