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XPS 9310 - Bluetooth lag with Logitech MX Keys + MX Master 3

My XPS 13 9310 has Bluetooth issues just like my previous XPS 9360

I just received the laptop and updated all drivers, bios and Windows - Everything is up to date. 

Connect my keyboard and mouse and off we go. Awesome laptop - If you don't mind your mouse getting stuck for 2-3 seconds. Or typing a few characters behind.

In the beginning with my 9360 I had a similar problem - Though I remember only turning off some mouse settings and that solved it. Now - can't figure out why out of the box a $2K laptop cannot perform as it should. 


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1. I used the Media Creation Tool today to create an installation stick with Windows 20H2 and reinstalled Windows with it (deleting all of Dell's factory-created partitions).

2. I had Windows load all the drivers

3. (except for the hard disk driver in the Windows installation process).

4. However, the problem still exists for me even in this new installation.


1. This is a good procedure. This is what I would recommend. However, I think you have to "DiskPart clean" the main-drive to truly remove all OEM partitions (if they exist). The Microsoft Media Creation tool is perfect to use, but I don't think it can do that one step (in the beginning) on it's own.

2. Good. Yes, only load Microsoft drivers. Either from the installer's local-cache or from Windows-Update. Do not load any drivers from Dell.com or Logitech.com (or anywhere else).

3. What does this mean? I don't think it wise to refuse any (Microsoft Signed, 64bit) drivers offered to you by the Windows installer.

4. Understood.

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I've been keeping track of this thread since mid Nov. I found it as I had brought an XPS 13 (9310) and experienced the same issues as others on here. I tried everything suggested, and more, but I eventually gave up and returned it as I just couldn't justify such a big spend on something that was't working right. I use the laptop plugged in to a screen with a separate mouse & keyboard at least 90% of the time, so these issues were a big deal for me.

So, I've since brought a Razer Book 13, it's the closest thing I could find to the XPS for what I needed, and unfortunately, I'm getting the same issues. Mouse & keyboard lag is awful, and seems to get worse the longer the device is connected.

I'm using a logitech K380 keyboard and MX2 Anywhere mouse. I have also tested with a Logi G604 Lightspeed mouse, and it's the same.

I just wanted to share this as I don't think this is a Dell issue. As little time as I have for Dell and their customer service, I think it's either Logi devices, or Win 10, or both. I have another (non Logi) wireless mouse I'm going to test with later, but I'm pretty certain this is a Windows thing.

For the love of cheesecake, I think I've found a driver that fixes this issue!




Its like the clouds have finally broke!

Thank you.
Did you try the Wifi Drivers ou the Bluetooth Drivers ?
https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/30057/Windows-10-Wi-Fi-Drivers-for-Intel-Wireless-Adapters ?

Intel Driver Support Assist Online say that my drivers are up to date.
In the link for Wifi drivers that you shared it's for this component : for AX210/AX201/AX200/9560/9260/9462/9461 (Only available in 64-bit version). I Have a AX1650 on my XP13 9310. 



Its actually the wifi driver that fixed it, not the BT one.  This driver also did not pop up for me using Intel download manager.  I was pointed to this driver after chatting with Intel about the issue and sending them system logs.

I do have the Intel AX201 in my affected laptop.

However, my understanding is that Killer does not make their own hardware.  They just use Intel hardware and write their own software.  It appears they use the same core software if they have the same issue.

Its up to each Dell user if they want to try it. 

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I'll Try and come back to you 

The Killer AX1650 is the Intel AX200.  The 's' indicates it is the soldered version.

From Anandtech:

Intel builds what Rivet needs into its base chip, and that chip is sold both as an Intel solution or a Killer solution with the added features enabled, but with the same hardware underneath and the same base driver stack, with additional tweaks on the Killer side.

On a good note, we now know Rivet/Killer just needs to incorporate Intel's updated driver stack to fix the problem.


For me, I had been sitting at on the BT driver for awhile and still had the stutter.

Updating to on the wifi card is what eliminated the issue.

Did you disable the "Power Save" off All USB Device and HID Device ?

Power Management is disabled on the one USB Root Hub and 3.1 extensible host controller that is upstream from the BT mouse.  All other Power Management features are On.

I will try re-enabling those PM features to see if the mouse still works well.

It still works with all PM on now.  This may have created a subtle delay if the mouse has been idle, but its not annoying at all.  It is night and day better than the previous stutter/jumping that made the BT mouse unusable prior.


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