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XPS 9350 NVM26 Locks up with Thunderbolt 3 enclosure

Trying to mix an XPS 13 (9350) with an Akito Node Pro PCIe enclosure.


  * Running the NVM26 Thunderbolt 3 firmware - XPS 13 locks up at boot (pre-bios) with the Akito Node Pro attached.
  * Running the NVM16 Thunderbolt 3 firmware - XPS 13 boots fine with Akito Node Pro attached.


Dell *really* needs to solve their Thunderbolt 3 firmware issues.

On a premium laptop, I really expect better 😐   My next machine won't be a Dell at this point given their sketchy Thunderbolt 3 implementation. Dell, if you're reading this, *PLEASE* update to NVM33 and fix the TB3 issues on the older XPS models!

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Re: XPS 9350 NVM26 Locks up with Thunderbolt 3 enclosure

Same problem with XPS13 9360 Kabylake with same thunderbolt chip AlpineRidge, wich was replace since a full year with Titan Ridge except ... Dell/Compal.

A cent$ is a cent$ is'nt it ?

Intel got NVM33 on NUC7 Kabylake to pass HDR in DP1.2 over TBT3. Same with NVM38 dor even oldier NUC6 overt TBT3.

Dell was lying til 2017/04 saying you got full 40Gbps. Customers had to prove their mistake. I paid my 9630 i7-7500U the (over) price of 1700€. Flagship computer (XPS=eXtrem Performance ...) should have a much better support overseas than what Dell use to do, letting people without solution, and even earing !!

Shame on Mickael Dell, shame on cow boys making money with no support. Even a Trabant could get its wheel replaced...

Sure all people I know will *never* buy a <Profanity removed> computer another time. Dell is 4 letters before <Substitute character removed>.

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