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XPS 9350 NVM26 Locks up with Thunderbolt 3 enclosure

Trying to mix an XPS 13 (9350) with an Akito Node Pro PCIe enclosure.


  * Running the NVM26 Thunderbolt 3 firmware - XPS 13 locks up at boot (pre-bios) with the Akito Node Pro attached.
  * Running the NVM16 Thunderbolt 3 firmware - XPS 13 boots fine with Akito Node Pro attached.


Dell *really* needs to solve their Thunderbolt 3 firmware issues.

On a premium laptop, I really expect better 😐   My next machine won't be a Dell at this point given their sketchy Thunderbolt 3 implementation. Dell, if you're reading this, *PLEASE* update to NVM33 and fix the TB3 issues on the older XPS models!

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