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XPS 9350 - Wont power on after closing lid

Hi all,

So my Dell XPS 9350, (out of warranty) has been acting strangely for the past months. After just manually closing the lid, (which is set on sleep), after I open the lid after a few minutes it wont power back on. Backlit keys are lit and the power button is on, however no matter how long I wait the laptop wont start back on. Pressing the power button for a few seconds and then manually turning it off will fix it but it is becoming very troublesome as files that were open are being forced closed. 


- Drivers and windows are all up to date.

- Have hard resetted the laptop a few times now.

- Tried using an USB to install a fresh copy of windows before

- Not turning on occurrences happens almost 90% of the time, when closing the lid

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