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XPS 9370 4K - annoying ghosting

Hi everyone

This shot was obtained with an exposure time of 1/1600 sec.: 

XPS 13 - 9370 ghosting test


Maybe it's subjective, but the ghosting of my 9370 4K is very annoying. I would like to understand if mine suffers particularly, or if it's the standard.

Any consideration regarding the ghosting on 9370 4K?

Here the link for ghosting test: https://www.testufo.com/ghosting#background=004040&separation=480&pps=960&graphics=bbufo-tinytext.pn...


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Here is another shot (1/1600 sec. exposure time) to the slowly moving pointer:

XPS 9370 4K - Ghostinghttps://imgur.com/3yaGGVJ

Nobody can help me?

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And this is a video ... : https://streamable.com/n2tqu

Nobody with this issue ...?
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Also having this issue, kind of annoying but the lagging issue is the one that make me feel 9370 is unusable :(

The tech support has seen photos and video, and told me it's an hardware problem. But now I'm waiting for an answer for over a day (premium warranty) ...
After spending a lot, I am sincerely disappointed with Dell ☹️

I also try to contact dell for other problem with premium warranty
6 days already, still no any reply yet
I am trying to return my xps now, might wait for the problem to be fixed or wait for new xps 15
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Any update on this matter?
i'm about to get mine in a few days. Will check mine and get back by than ofc.

Tomorrow my monitor will be replaced. I will update you here.

Monitor replaced. No changes: the ghosting persists.
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