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XPS 9370 Fan Noise

When sitting idle (not seeing any heavy usage for anything in task manager over 10% anyway), how loud should these fans be? If I'm sitting here not even using it with the power adapter plugged in it seriously sounds like the fans are at full blast sometimes.. Seems like when I unplug the charger it slows down after a few seconds then eventually they turn off. Is this normal? It is kind of annoying for $1700 laptop to make so much noise just sitting idle, but if theres nothing to do about it, it is what it is. Thanks

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Hey austinramsay. This is the first report of loud noise while sitting idle that I've seen.

Can you e-mail me at luke_presley@dell.com? I'd like to try to get some more information from you and see if we can figure out what's going on.

Hi Luke

A couple of us are having same issue ate notebook review forums. I'm sure as more people receive there new xps 13 you will get way more complaints about this.

I just emailed you about this.

I am have the same problem too. I just dealt with a bad battery issue which dell sent a replacement one and now the fan's speed is always at the highest speed.  I had xps 9350 and it never gave me all these problem. Any solution on the fan speed (noise) yet?

After the latest BIOS update my fan goes a lot more than before. In fact, on the previous BIOS version I don't recall hearing the fan once. I'd say it's on 20% of the time now.

My Dell XPS 13 9370 has just started experiencing the fan grinding (not high revving fan) issues. I have updated the BIOS and various drivers as suggested by Dell support but nothing has worked.


I have attached a video of the problem. https://youtu.be/ud0CZAShRHo I'm not sure if the fact that I have Dell 'Complete Care' means that I will be able to get a laptop replacement instead of just a fan replacement if need be or not?

Got mine a few days ago. Doing nothing the fan works crazy like the laptop wants to fly!! The fan starts working usually when I'm charging the laptop. How serious is the issue?

I also hear a weird noise (coil whine) on the top left side when I plug in the charger.


Hi Luke,

I have the same problem, the fan is particularly noisy when I use the dell D6000 docking station.


Will write to you if that is OK, as it is a big pity that such a nice laptop is so loud.

me too same issue 

Dell pls respond, is there a solution? If not, i’m returning the notebook, thanks
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