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@JonHooper wrote:

Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

To answer your questions: the sound is like a piece of paper catching in the spokes of a bike. (showing my age here 😉 )

a) Does the rapid ticking noise change pitch or tone when the fan is under load? 

The sound is only present when the fans are running, it only seems to occur when the fans hit a certain speed.

b) Do you hear this ticking noise regardless of whether the system is running on battery only or with the ac adaptor connected?

It appears on both battery and when plugged in

c) Does updating the BIOS to the latest revision 1.8.1 change the noise at all?  BIOS link here 

Bios already updated and the sound is still there (it's worked fine for the previous 9 months under previous BIOS, this is a recent event)

d) You mention that the issue is intermittent, how infrequent is it i.e multiple times day, once or twice a day,  afew times a week etc?

it will happen 1 in 3 times the fan runs up.

e) If you run though the fan tests during the ePSA diagnostics, can you hear this ticking noise during the test? (To run the ePSA diags, hold down the Fn key and power on the system)

as above 1 in 3 times i can get it to make the noise during the fan test.

I've air-dusted the fans, but that hasn't helped and I've inspected them to see if there was anything interfering with then (such as a loose sticker) but there's nothing there.

thanks again for your time.

@JonHooper as the fan is failing I'll still organise a replacement. I'll drop you a private message to get some tag details.


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Re: XPS 9370 Fan Noise

My 9370 has been great since I purchased it a few months back... now the dreaded rattle of the fan is started to annoy me... I have Dell booked in to collect it from me to fix - means 7-10 days without a work laptop.. not sure how that will pan out. Video of the grumbling..!ArhXDi1QcH9ygeNn551j_T3nDSQ0bg
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