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XPS 9370 - usb drive really hot, now dead.

Last night I was installing Arch with the Live ISO on a Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 32G, via the Dell USB C adapter.
After Installation was done I unplugged the usb drive en almost burned my fingers.

The usb plug of the drive was incredibly hot. So was the adapter, but not the usb c port (right side) on the laptop.
I had to redo the installation, because there were some issues, but now the usb drive doesn't show. Bios isn't seeing it either.
Testing the drive on other systems confirmed it was dead.

I've used the adapter many times before, with the same drive, for file transfers.
Also had a ethernet adapter working for a long while with this adapter.

Is this just bad luck, or has anybody else had something similar.
Also, would Dell be liable?

Dell XPS 13 9370
Arch Linux Live
Sandisk Ultra drive
right usb-c port, so no power delivery.

Also, would Dell be liable?

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The same thing just happened to me. 

I've only had my laptop for about 2 months or so..

I am going to ask for a replacement. 

what was the model number of that Dell USB C adapter?

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