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XPS 9380 Webcam Not Working

In July 2019 I purchased this computer and have loved it.  With COVID-19 and the fallout that has occurred as a result, I finally had to use my webcam -- and it does not work.  I have looked in the BIOS and the webcam is enabeld.  All software has been updated.  However, when I look at the Device Manager in Windows 10 under Cameras, the Integrated Camera is identified as disabled (Code 22).  Enabling the device does not work.  The driver is a default Microsoft, version 10.0.18362.693.  Updating the driver has not been successful (Win10 reports "the best drivers for your device are already installed.").

Attempting to use Microsoft Camera indicates "We can't find your camera," which makes sense but wanted to check regardless.  it suggests that my antivirus software could be blocking the webcam but if that is the case I cannot find where in the software it could be blocked.  I'm using Norton 360.  I have an external camera on my desktop (built that one myself) and have no problems.  I also have an Dell Inspiron 5477 with a built-in camera that works just fine.  All three cameras are using Norton 360; this does not feel like it is likely to be the cause of this problem.

Looking at Dell, there does not appear to be a driver for the webcam that can be identified.  I am out of ideas.  What have I missed? 

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I have asked repeatedly to folks who have this problem what is the Hardware Id of the webcam in Device Manager, and no one bothers to answer.



Hardware Ids:




I'm surprised that others have had this issue as I looked on Dell and the Web with no success before posting.


the vendor ID belongs to an obscure company called Microdia

can't find anything from them

according to Dell the driver is built into Windows 10  

I have exactly the same problem on my PC DELL inspiron 7737 (64 bits) with my integrated webcam.
Hardware Ids are:
USB \ VID_0BDA & PID_5601 & REV_3808 & MI_00
USB \ VID_0BDA & PID_5601 & MI_00
Fuzzylogik, did the solution offered by nyc10036 (cab file) work ?


Are you running the newest version of Windows 10  v1909?

Yes absolutely


Your webcam uses Realtek chipset which is completely different than the one for the XPS 9380.

Try poking around Realtek's website for a Windows 10 driver.


None of the suggestions worked.  Finally uninstalled it for the Nth time and now it magically works; not sure why it worked the last time but not the first several times.  Wish Dell would use hardware that had proprietary drivers so this sort of thing was easier to diagnose.

Thank you!  

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