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XPS 9550 Crash on battery



My XPS 9550 is not under warranty since june of this year.

My laptop is running fine until I try to pass 1.9.0+ Bios version.

Version 1.12.0 release few days ago not fix my problem at all.


My issue :

With BIOS version 1.9.0 and more :

When I'm running on battery my laptop crash after few minutes.

On AC with 1.9.0+ bios version it's running smoothly.


With BIOS version 1.8.0 and less :

On AC or Battery, everything is running fine all the time.


So I understand that is the recent BIOS version who is crashed my laptop.

Must I run the 1.8.0 max BIOS version on my laptop ? Because of security patch on CPU, etc. releases since...


Moreover, all driver/firmware are ok and up to date.

Windows 10 was reinstalled 2 times from scratch.


Thank you for your help.

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