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XPS 9550 Nvidea not present


Not sure if anyone can assist, I appear to have 'lost' my NVidea graphics card on my XPS 9550, its not showing up in Devices or anywhere else for that matter.

I have tried:

  1. reinstall the drivers but the NVidea install says hardware not found.
  2. I have tried recovering my machine to an earlier date
  3. Inspected the BIOS but can see no reference to NVidea

I am getting up a set of flashing lights indicating the CMOS batter issue but could that cause the video card to dissappear?

Driving me nuts

Thanks in advance


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8 Krypton

Weak or dead CMOS batteries can cause all manner of odd errors, including the one you mention.  Replace the battery and reset the CMOS (with the main battery disconnected, hold the power button for 30 seconds before replacing the CMOS battery).



@ejn63 Yes i am seeing lots of oddness from the power button flashing, a click I assume is the fan trying to engage and then it dies without the system booting, it then goes through the process again and again.  Also when it does boot the keyboard is not always working on the first boot and requiring a reboot. I did find the nvidea in device manager but it was hidden with the message it was no present.

Have ordered a new battery but could take ages to arrive

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