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XPS 9550 cant charge over 65W through the USB Type-C


I bought a Baseus GaN2 100W PD charger that can supply 100W on one port. However, after connecting to the USB-C on the 9550, right after starting the PC the BIOS writes to me that I charge only 65W. Where could be the problem please?

Thank you

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You need the original charger -- while newer systems can take more than 65W over USB, older ones like yours cannot.  And if the system has discrete video (nVidia), it requires a 130W AC adapter to charge properly.


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@DominikTe  Until recently, Dell limited their systems to drawing no more than 65W from third-party USB-C sources. See this post I wrote about it. The XPS 15 9550 was the first XPS 15 to include USB-C, so it certainly has that limitation. It’s also designed for 130W for optimum functionality, AND it isn’t compatible with Dell’s own 130W USB-C adapter, which was introduced later than that system. So the only way to get 130W to the XPS 15 9550 over USB-C would be from certain Dell docks. (I’m not sure why Dell couldn’t make their 130W adapter backward compatible given that the docks work, but that’s how it is.) Otherwise, you could maybe get 90W from a Dell 90W USB-C adapter, but I’m not sure about that.

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