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XPS 9550 out of warranty but the battery is swelling.

As the title says, my XPS 9550 is out of warranty (I bought it 3 years ago) and the battery has started bulging (a known issue). I've read in a thread from a couple of years ago it was being fixed at Dell's expense despite not being under warranty; however, when I called customer support I was told if it is out of warranty I just have to buy a new battery.

Basically my question is as follows: If they're not going to replace a swelling battery caused by their negligence (which is what I've read it as being), is there some other place or a brand of battery I can buy to replace this one that is decent quality but not through Dell? I'd rather not pay $105 for a new battery from Dell that could do the same thing in a year or two due to their negligence, ya know?

Thanks for any help!

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You could try.





Inherent to lithium-ion polymer battery technology is the potential for swelling of the battery cells.

So swelling batteries are not exclusive to Dell batteries.

All computer manufacturers batteries swell and it seems that Apple batteries are the worst.

In the end you will still run the risk of the battery swelling no matter where or who it is purchased from.

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