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XPS 9560 NVMe drive only running with two lanes of PCIe

I have a dell XPS 9560 which was purchased with maxed out on specs.  Unfortunately it came with the lower performance 1Tb Toshiba drive.  I decided to upgrade to the Samsung 970 Evo Plus, as I do a lot of work where IO speed is important.

I took the following steps to install the new drive:

1) Shut down the computer and physically replaced the drive.

2) Changed BIOS to use ACHI rather than RAID

3) Did a fresh install of Windows 

4) Installed relivant chipset drivers from the dell web site

And.... I got the same bad bench mark results I had before...  I looked into it a little further and according to CrystalDiskInfo and a couple of other utilities the current transfer mode is "PCIe 3.0 x2" where the supported mode is "PCIe 3 x4". This explains getting less then half the specified speed.  Looking around I have seen perple getting numbers close to Samsung spec with the same computer configuration.  Any help in getting my system to use the "supported" transfer mode with all 4 lanes/channels would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you in advance!

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