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XPS 9560 Periodically Getting Slow

Hello dear community,

I have a recurring slowness issue which I have not been able to solve for 2 years. I hope you can help me. Here my story goes:

I bought my Dell XPS 9560 2 years and 4 months ago. (Does that make my laptop old btw?) I am an animation filmmaker (I do cel-animation using Photoshop and motion design using After Effects), and I often use most of the Adobe CC products. (PS, AE, PP, AI) But I am a freelancer and a graduate student, so I do not use those products all the time.

6-7 months after I had bought this Dell, the problems started. While I was using Photoshop and After Effects, I could not even move a layer. Also, the computer was laggy while I was searching web, or folders. The computer was slow. And one day, a problem started with the charger. The error code I got was something like  "No charger detected" Since I had the 2 years warranty back then, Dell support did all the necessary diagnostics and they changed the motherboard, fans and charger cable. I did not question it, thinking the problem was solved.

Everything was fine for 6-7 months. After 6-7 months, the laptop became slow and laggy again. I did a fresh start with Windows 10. But at that time I had started graduate school and for months I use the computers at school because I was frustrated with mine. 

And then, I called Dell Support. They did the same tests, diagnostics, and I think nothing was found. So they changed the motherboard and fans again... And once again, the problem was solved.

But than, as you can predict, after 3-4 months, the same problem occurred. I could not move layers in PS, I could not even watch Youtube videos, I could not get a preview from After Effects, when I right clicked on any folder, it took 5 seconds to open the window.

I tried everything. First I thought, maybe it is Adobe products. So I got in touch with Adobe support. They tried everything using remote support. But all 4 advisors told me the computer is lagging. So I got in touch with Windows support. Using my spare laptop while talking to them, I did a clean install to my system. I am a filmmaker, so imagine my effort. I spent last week without sleep, reading and trying to understand this machine which is apparently dedicated to turn my world into a hell.

But yesterday, after I did everything correctly, hoping for a fast computer, the problem was not solved. I opened the Photoshop and it was a bit faster, but it was still slower than my old 10 years old MacBook pro (Sorry for saying that)

Yesterday, I got in touch with Dell Turkey and a very kind agent tried to help me. We did a diagnostics tests. And nothing was found on the hardware. He helped me do the clean install again. We did reset the BIOS to update it. He explained it like "When we do this, we are rearranging the electricity roads on the computer" We did all the steps on the phone. He helped me download the drivers correctly. And he said "if the problem persist, it may be the hardware. "

And I told him the things I had experienced, how the changing of motherboard solved my problems 2 times. And he said, "Your problem can not be a mother board issue, since you use Adobe Products with high RAM usage, your problem might be RAM related. Since the RAMs can not be separated from motherboard, the Dell Support must have had changed your mother boards in last years."

So, do I have to change the mother board every 6 months? Since I live in Turkey, with the current currency system, I can buy a new computer instead of changing motherboard biannually. 🙂

Please help me solve this! I became a technician in 2 years, that is the only positive side from this experience 🙂


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Re: XPS 9560 Periodically Getting Slow

I am very sorry that I don't have a solution for you. I am posting here because you wrote a long post - the same as I did, and nobody has responded.

I have the same problems. They are definitely hardware related. I use Adobe CC as well, and this is an awful application for performance, in many ways, however it is not just Adobe that is causing the problems.

I have fully shut down Adobe CC and I still get painful performance problems.

My laptop was extremely expensive and I bought it with the highest specification possible of any laptop at the time (2017): 1TB SSD, 32GB RAM, and quad core i7 processor.

So it is depressing for me that I often cannot even watch YouTube videos, because the laptop is so painfully slow and hangs regularly.

I have tried so many things. I have reinstalled Windows fresh, installed no applications except Google Chrome, and still get these problems.

Sorry I cannot help more, but I would say that you should NOT have to replace your computer every 6 months, that is just ridiculous.

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