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XPS-9560 Stuck at 0.798 GHz, BD PROCHOT?

Hey Dell Community.


I bought a 9560 two years ago, and aside from some annoying voltage/temperature throttling issues, it's been pretty reliable...until now.  As of today, my machine has decided to get stuck at 0.78 GHz (see screenshot below)


This throttling makes the machine borderline unusable and has been frustrating me all day.  I've experienced this degree of throttling on this machine before when I'm using it intensively, but this current behavior starts when the machine is powered on, and doesn't change regardless of use.  I checked the temps on the CPU and the GPU, and they're all reading normal to low (always in the low 40s C). 


After playing around in some settings in ThrottleStop (which I've used before to prevent voltage/thermal throttling during intensive use), I found that unchecking the 'BD PROCHOT' box immediately resolves the issue (and speeds increase back to normal).  Now, upon doing some digging, I've found that disabling BD PROCHOT is probably not in the long term interests if I want this machine to remain happy and healthy.  I'd like to know why the machine is throttling in the first place and how to resolve it without having to use this crude (and possibly unsafe) workaround.

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This typically happens when a sensor goes bad on your motherboard or in your power adapter. When this happens, it will permanently send a signal to your CPU telling it to throttle to its lowest speed. It usually has nothing to do with temperature. Just a bad sensor.

If you have access to a different power adapter, try that first. Once a sensor goes bad, there is no easy way to diagnose what sensor so all a tech can do is replace parts. If you are still under warranty, call Dell. If your warranty is up, is it worth the cost of installing a new motherboard? Keep in mind that whatever sensor failed will likely fail again.

Using ThrottleStop to solve this problem costs nothing and it has saved a lot of computers from ending up in the landfill. Here is a simple way to add it to your Windows start up sequence using the Task Scheduler. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/the-throttlestop-guide.531329/#post-6865107


i got the same problem with my Alienware 17 r4 and wasted valuable time and money on the system by this problem i approached dell service and they made me to replace dc, motherboard and  battery one after other for 400$ and still the problem is not resolved since past four months and till today my laptop is at service center. I tried different charging adaptors also but there is not use. The above mentioned throttlestop worked fine but i got to know about this after paying the money tight now i am in confusion what to do i am thinking to file consumer complaint on the service team. What do you think any it?

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