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XPS 9560 & Windows 11 Upgrade - OH NO

Hi all, I have the XPS 9560 laptop and have been reading that Win 11 isn't compatible with it. Well two weeks ago I received a notification from Microsoft to install Win11 so I assumed given it didn't let me before that my 9560 was now ok to upgrade. So I upgrade........and now I'm reading that within a month or so I will be forced to downgrade to Win10? I don't even know what to say about this aside from utter frustration. I know TPM 2.0 is a Microsoft requirement but to allow an upgrade (shame on me I guess, I'm part of the MS Insider group) and then be told you will need to downgrade.

Is my understanding correct with this? I'd hate to wipe my computer with a downgrade.


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This isn't helpful, the chat bot takes forever to respond and then it said I'm out of warranty. I'm looking for help from the community.

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They have had some glitches with that process over the last couple of weeks.  There were other folks who were able to upgrade but I do not know if they got a warning they would have to return to Win 10.

None of my systems with a 7th Gen processor have gotten such an offer to upgrade.  

It might be best to go ahead and downgrade now unless you want to keep it and try it out?  What might happen after the month is up, I do not know.

The downgrade to which they refer may just be a normal Rollback from a failed upgrade.  That option is normally only available for 10 days but this may be a special situation.

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