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XPS 9570 Audio crackling issue/Left Speaker

Hi all, I own my Dell XPS 9570 since October 2018 and never had audio issues. Today all of a sudden I started hearing a crackling sound coming out of the left speaker that makes listening to ANY audio source (youtube, VLC player, etc) almost unable to hear. I tried all versions of Realtek drivers, and also AC power connected and disconnected and the issue persists. I have the latest BIOS version installed and also tried uninstalling Maxxaudio and disabling Windows Spatial Sound. The only temporary fix I found is to set the audio balance 100% to the right speaker in order to disable the left speaker. Thanks for any suggestions.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that sometimes I listen certain videos with VLC Player which has the capacity of boosting the volume to twice normal (200%). I've done this many times since I owned the XPS laptop and the day that the left speaker fried it did right after doing this. Probably it's related to the speaker failure, yet it should be able to withstand high volume levels as it did for several months.

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same issue and same fix

Obviously this is a hardware issue, since my XPS Warranty expires in 3 weeks I decided to have Dell replace the speakers which they'll do this week. It could be a problem with the speakers or with the circuitry which eventually fries the speakers. I'm sure that the newly replaced speakers will also fail in short time.

<Some 3rd party audio software (VLC Media Player, KMPlayer) pushes our laptop speakers beyond the manufacturer specification tolerance causing crackling, or simply breaking them. The act of using VLC Player to boost the volume to twice normal (200%), beyond the manufacturer specification tolerance, voided the Dell warranty on the speakers. Dell support should not replace the speakers because this is "customer induced damage".. DELL-Admin>

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