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XPS 9570 Problem: Idle to perma-off


I can't afford this anymore !

I own a XPS 9570 for just about a 1-2 months now.

 It had sever overheating issues until i switched off turbo from bios. Now it's okish.

Tho there is another issue not going away since i bought it.

    PROBLEM:    If a leave my XPS idle the following happens randomly  (   I record every time it happens: count is 21 as of this post date.) :

                           -Laptop stays apparently shutdown   

                           -power button does not work waking the laptop up, powering on, shutting it down or anything tho i don't have any sleep options for it to go to sleep/hibernate mode in the first place.

                           -no keystroke, mouse click, no nothing will wake it up.

                          - it will shut down it's display and keyboard backlight

                           -All connectivity dies

                           -no USB port will exchange power or data 

                            ALL of this while plunged-in.

  Only solution i found : When this happens i hold down power button for forced shut down until it power clicks, After that i can push power button again to start the laptop. HOWEVER this is extremely annoying because i lose all my data if this happens. This is unacceptable I paid a premium for the XPS 9570 not for losing sensitive data. 


-  My XPS spec :     

Memory: 32 GB

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-8950HK CPU @ 2.90GHz[Cores 6] [Logical/Core 2]

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro


I run every Dell diagnostic tool and update. I also regularly use Dell Support Assist for checks and updates of any driver and bios update.

I have a Dell service tag available until November 2021.




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Re: XPS 9570 Problem: Idle to perma-off

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Re: XPS 9570 Problem: Idle to perma-off


Click the link below to download the latest bios release 1.7.0. The new bios was released on Jan 11,2019.

XPS 9570 Bios Download


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