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XPS 9570 Unrecoverable freezing

I recently got a XPS 9570 and after setting it up and connecting it to a DELL D3000 dock to extend the screen to two additional monitors. However, I have noticed that the computer randomly freezes and accepts no further input, ctrl+alt+del does nothing. The only way to recover is to do a hard reset by holding down the power button for 15 seconds.

Looking at the reliability monitor provides no useful info as it just says that "Windows was not shut down properly".

I spent several hours on the phone with Dell Support and they had me do the following:

- Roll back windows updates

- Check reliability monitor

- Do a clean install

None of this worked so they sent me a replacement XPS 9570...but it has the same problem. Here are the programs that I have running when this occurs:

- Chrome

- Outlook

- OpenVPN

- Slack

The CPU is never over 15% and the Memory usage never goes above 40%, computer is not hot. I'm not sure what else to do at this point and am considering just sending this back and going to pick up a laptop from Best Buy. Does anyone have any advice?

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updated ALL drivers.  seemed to do the trick.  And by all, i mean the drivers for the docking station, the video drivers, bios, usb drivers, EVERYTHING.  and you may need to do research all over the dell site to make sure you cover everything. perhaps try dell's SupportAssist app.  Seems to work well for investigating the hardware and making sure you've updated all drivers.

do be careful where you get your drivers from.

I'm loving my XPS now.  Definitely feel like this was a solid decision.

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Update the latest system bios as well as the d3000 drivers

xps9570 Drivers,Downloads and Manuals

Where Can I Find the Drivers for the Dell D3000 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Dock?

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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All drivers were up to date for both the xps laptop and the docking station. I have noticed that if I only extend the display to one additional monitor that I do not seem to be having freezing issues. Something about having three monitors seems to be the issue. Any ideas?


It hasn't frozen in an unrecoverable manner since I went to one extended monitor for a total of 2 (laptop screen + external). However, it will freeze for about a half second regularly...like every 5 min. How can I stop this? Also, any ideas on why have 2 external monitors causes the unrecoverable freeze?


While I'm not using a dock or external monitors, I've had this occur with a 9570 several times running Chrome with Outlook in the background. Touchpad, keyboard and touchscreen do not respond, caps lock doesn't illuminate its light if pressed, it acts like a hardware failure. What I found however was that closing the lid and reopening it restored functionality. There is nothing useful to be found in the logs. While I have little to base this on I have a hunch it's related to Chrome.  The three times it's happened it's been while browsing with chrome with quite a few tabs opened. 


I just want to say that I have the same EXACT problem with my XPS 15 and a Dell D3100 Dock.  It freezes doing random stuff like editing documents and watching youtube. Its 60 days old and now Dell wants to take it back and replace the mother board.  The diagnostics always come back clean, but it freezes intermittently.  I'm running it off the docking station for a while to see if its any different.  I do have the latest drives and BIOS.  The Dell script reading tech guys already covered that.  I'm thinking I'm getting a new motherboard and these are driver issues on one of the two things.  XPS15 or the D3100.  My laptop is no more than 60 days old and I'm wondering if I bought a lemon. BTW: I've used this D3100 for a year on a Lenovo Yoga with no problems.

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Hello, I have the exact same problem.


I got my new XPS 15 9570 last week and wanted it to be used with my Dell D3000 which I was using with my old XPS 14 l421. But since I have the new XPS connected the same system freezes occur like described here. And they seem not deterministic as they occur. My operating system freshly installed on a new NVMe SSD. 


I also have the mouse and keyboard freezing every 2 min for just 2-3 seconds. When I was hitting a n the keyboard right in that moment it gets repeated in the input field I was writing in. The total system freeze only occurs very rarely. I do have the news BIOS 1.6 and the newest Dell SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Docking Station drivers. I really don't want to have my Dell XPS 15 9570 be replace as


I think this is not an hardware issue but rather a software/driver issue. Any more information would be very welcome.


Best Simon


I'm having exact same issue with D3100 docking station and brand new XPS 15.  Updated BIOS and drivers to no avail.  will try not using chrome.


Same here... 9570 less than 2 weeks old, unrecoverable freeze happened twice today. I will try the opening and closing lid next time as a stop gap. I too am using chrome and Outlook although I had a number of other apps open as well when it first froze with all the symptoms described above. I installed the my work Dell D6000 dock and new display link drivers lat night, as I really need larger monitors unsure about what I can roll back. Thanks for the thread all.

Had this happen twice today.  Just received my new XPS 15 9570 yesterday.  I really like the machine, but this is a real problem.

I had two instances of Chrome opened both times.  One had 9 tabs (one of which was slack).  The other was a Khan Academy video.  I also have the Dell Business Thunderbolt Dock - TB16 240W Adapter and two monitors with a wireless mouse.  

Event log didn't reveal anything noteworthy.

Tried opening and closing the lid and it had no effect.

I'm pretty married to Chrome, but I'm willing to try a different browser if it'll fix the issue.

Appreciate if folks who are experimenting with other configs continue to update this message trail.

Thank you.

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