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XPS 9570 temperature when charging

I am the owner of XPS 9570 with i7-8750H. I'm a bit concerned about the temperatures. When the system is idle and the charger is not plugged in the temperature is about 36C and I can't hear the fan. When I plug in the charger the temperature is being increased to 44 and the fan starts to make a noise, despite the system is still idle. Is it normal in this model? I could accept that in cheap laptop but mine isn't cheap...

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Re: XPS 9570 temperature when charging

Unfortunately, XPS laptops have many issues despite relatively high price, and the even costlier Precision 5530 don't appear much differerent. It appears that they are more expensive than some others mainly because of the nice design. The issue of fans spinning when the laptop is idle has been known for years, and does not appear relevant to Dell. Also, the fans in the 9570 do not appear to be able to cool down the parts of the laptop relevant for charging. It is possible to look up software that allows independent control of the fans. But it isn't something straightforward and has somewhat restricted access to te fans, so this isn't hugely popular.
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