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XPS 9570 wont connect with WD19TB dock

Hi guys,

For about a year now I have been happily using me XPS 9570 everyday with my WD19TB dock. Recently I have been noticing the dock and laptop haven't been working great together. However, right now it doesn't work great at all. I get the following error: The hdmi port on your dock will not function when the adjacent displayport over usb c is being utilized for video. Once I plugin in the TB3 cable in my laptop it only charges, but no signal is passed towards my 3 monitors. I just did a clean install of Windows 11, still no success. Right now I also cannot download drivers from the support assist app, it says driver detection not available. 

Hope someone can help me with this!



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Got the latest drivers now, still not working properly. A signal is being passed towards 2 monitors connected via display port, expect the one connected via hdmi. 

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