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XPS 9575 2in1- Impacting touchpad issue


I had an XPS 13 with touchscreen, which encountered a known issue : it stopped charging. This is the only issue it had but it made my laptop a desktop, so not really usable

In 2019, I contacted Dell and acknowledging the issue, they offered me a discount to buy an XPS 15 9575 2in1. The product is great, but these are the issues I met :

-Mid 2020 (after the warranty was over), the battery was charging only to 20% of its original capacity. So I decided to order a new one, and since then this is ok. But it made me a bit bitter

-Also, there was an intermittent problem of the touchpad not working, but with reboot it was coming back. But now, since early 2021, the touchpad just does not work. So, the only way to properly use the XPS is with an external mouse! I tried all the tricks (Bios upgrade, hibernate - wake up, ... but it does not come back at all)

I finally decided to post here, expecting the community to guide me and also that a moderator of DELL would see it and bring it up inside DELL(I did not find any simple way to reach DELL since I am out of warranty), as I am really disappointed and close to stop buying or advising any DELL XPS products. My experience is that those XPS are really appealing products from their specs, but they do suffer serious weaknesses vs their key specs(the 3 issues I had are known by DELL : XPS not charging anymore, Battery dying after 1 year, touchpad dying) which make those not worth the price you pay for it (aover 2500 USD for the xps 15), or even which are making them no longer being what you bought them for (a light high performing laptop which you can use long time anywhere without plugging nor external devices).

Thank you

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Just to update the community : a DELL agent has asked me for my ST in private message, and after analysis, told me that the machine is no longer under warranty, but that I can get service if I pay for it.

Interesting but I knew it already and it was part of my post. I did ask the agent to reconsider the spirit of my message and to escalate it... will see this way if DELL understands the impact of the problems of their machines.

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