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XPS 9710 heatsink / vapor chamber failures ... how common?

XPS 17 9710

My XPS 9710 is suffering from excessive CPU & GPU temps when the system is nearly idle. In an air conditioned room with proper ventilation around the laptop CPU core temps sitting around 70 deg C with CPU utilization of 3% or less. That's as good as it gets. With almost any load core temps spike to 100 C. Seems like this problem surfaced in the last week or so. The other day I noticed the fans running at high speed when the system was idle. There's another thread on the Dell forums here where a guy had the same problem and Dell replaced the heatsink / vapor chamber and that fixed it. Sounds like that's what I need but Dell says the part is out of stock and can't tell me when it will be back in stock. 

I purchased this machine in August of 2021 and yes the warrant expired in August of this year. Seems premature for a failure of this nature. So that begs the question, how common is it for the vapor chamber / heatsink to fail?  Who else has experienced this? It's also disturbing replacement parts aren't readily available on a machine that just came out last year.



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