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XPS SE 8920 thunderbolt?

Will Dell enable Thunderbolt support in the XPS SE 8920 bios?  I have the i7-7700k CPU.  I know that CPU and the associated mainboard chipset support Thunderbolt.  Why is it not currently enabled on the XPS SE 8920? 

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Re: XPS SE 8920 thunderbolt?

It'll probably never happen with out of production models -- the licensing fees for Thunderbolt meant most manufacturers didn't pay them - including on your system.

Yes, Intel/Apple is removing that obstacle this year -- but it's unlikely to affect existing systems.

Thunderbolt devices will likely work - for the most part - with your system, but the fact that it was built without Dell having paid the licensing fee, and that the system is out of production now - means that official support is unlikely to ever come for it.


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