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XPS12 Screen flickering

I'm in UK, and of late my 2014 vintage XPS12 suffers from intermittent screen flicker, as video I've loaded here.


I've run the Dell & Intel apps for self diagnosis/ stress testing and both report no issues annoyingly; is running Windows 10 Home, 64 bit. Drivers up to date.

Am wondering if it's worth cost of taking to a PC repairer or getting a new machine; googling
I see problem is well known, and some owners have had new motherboards fitted under warranty, but still didn't sort issue in some cases :(
If I switch to tablet mode when problem occurs, the screen then behaves, as can be seen
at end of video, which may be a clue.

May have a look inside and make sure any display ribbon cables are not loose.

Advice valued :)

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It`s probably way too late, but I was facing the same issue, and after a lot of drivers updates and all the other suggestions failing, I think I`ve found a fix: if you`re running Windows 10, go to settings, then system and choose display settings. Just below the brightness change option, there`s a checkbox enabling automatic brightness change with lighting changes. As soon as I`d disable this option, the screen stopped flickering.

Maybe there`s something wrong with XPS 12 lighting detection and the flickering is the screen brightness trying to follow weird lighting flutuation.

Hope it helps!

Thanks - that fixed it instantly!

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