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XPS13 7930 2-in-1 does not go to sleep after closing the lid


2 months ago I purchased XPS13 comp. Since that time I am trying to put my comp to sleep when closing the lid, but it doesnt work. All settings in power management are correct in order to comp going to sleep, but it does not go. actually when closing the lid its still working and last night i closed the lid and came in the morning and the comp was still running, also going very hot.

any idea hot to change this to work properly?



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Sleep does not turn off the the computer. That is why it is getting too hot. You might want to use Hibernation instead when you are away from the laptop for longer length of time which does turn off the computer and requires a press of the power button to turn it back on. It takes a few seconds longer but all open windows and files will appear. The settings are in Power Options, Advanced Settings, Power Plan.


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@Jungle Elephant  does the system go to sleep if you manually choose to put it to Sleep without closing the lid, i.e. by clicking Start, then the Power icon, and then Sleep?  It would be useful to know if it's just the lid close action that is failing to trigger sleep or if the system can't go to sleep at all.

@Mary G  while it's true that sleep doesn't completely power the system down, a system that is asleep and stays asleep should never be hot when the user returns.  So it is not reasonable to say that sleep is the reason a laptop is getting hot.  If that were the case, it would be impossible to put a laptop to sleep and carry it in a laptop bag safely, and that is very commonly done.


@jphughan  yes, if I put it manually to sleep it works. but if I only close the lid it does not.


@Mary G  I would like to put the computer to sleep when i close the lid, i dont want and like hibernation. in power settings all is set to sleep when i close the lid. but it doesnt


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